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Learning 4K and 360° video production

Creation of high-quality, low-cost videos for lectures, induction training, technical education, and more.

Our production content is not limited to lectures, induction training, and technical education. We also specialize in producing videos of interviews with senior and experienced employers, which may be used by companies for recruitment or training of new empl oyees. In the Internet era, we provide comprehensive support to easily manage the video production process from the outset with dramatically reduced costs for studio installation, without the need for a professional camera operator. We support customers’ production of original video content from planning to implementation.


Our track record of video production

  • Total number of videos produced:

  • Total hours of video production

*For the period Feb. 1, 2017 to May 31, 2019

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10 kinds of templates and jingles.

We offer 10 free templates and jingles for creating learning videos.

Using templates designed by professionals and jingles composed by music producers at Media Opus Plus, you can simply and elegantly create learning videos. Our team of professional designers can also create templates and musical compositions to meet any need. And, of course, you can use your own original designs as well!

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Digitization of texts and tests

Digitization of educational materials that are high quality and low cost

We provide support for the digitization of textbooks for lectures, induction training, and technical education classes, as well as digitization of tests for confirming learning and comprehension. We also provide support for digitizing learning materials and bringing them online in a way suited to each learning management system, making the introduction of e-learning easy.


Our track record of digitization

  • Total number of textbooks:

  • Total number of questions in these textbooks:

*For the period Feb. 1, 2017 to May 31, 2019

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Video distribution option

A stable distribution server for online video content

We use a distribution server hosted by “NTT Smart Connect” for high-quality, low-cost distribution of online video content. The enables customers without a distribution system to get started quickly.

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Smart subtitling

Efficient subtitling using AI

We use AI technologies such as machine learning to create video subtitles according to customers’ needs, such as corporate training and accessible content. Customers can collaborate with overseas offices to effortlessly create multilingual subtitles for videos and scripts originally produced in Japanese. Vietnamese subtitles have recently been in increasing demand, so we provide a one-stop service in cooperation with Vietnamese partner companies to provide educational materials and subtitles in Vietnamese, while taking into account cultural aspects.

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Content distribution and billing system

We offer a content distribution and billing system with advanced digital rights management tools.

In addition to video production, we also offer the Mirail video distribution platform with features such as digital rights management and customer billing.
A video distribution platform equipped with the latest digital rights management and customer billing features will facilitate the entry of content providers into the BtoC market. This technology enables publishers, media companies, training companies, event planning companies, schools, and so on to more easily use training and educational videos.


  • Link Academy Inc.

    A video presentation of a computer classroom for preparatory school qualification, recorded with a 360-degree camera.

  • Shogakukan-Shueisha Production Co., Ltd.

    Explanatory videos related to textbooks were produced as e-learning tools for elementary school students. The SMART Board and its various effects motivates children to learn.

  • SEIKI Community Group

    Videos of lectures screened on a SMART Board used for online meetings and meetings for parents held in a classroom or hall.

  • Gakken Plus

    Video production and distribution of an e-learning course for a publishing company that uses blackboards and SMART Boards to screen lectures taught by top professors.