About Us

The science of learning,
innovation through technology

We study the science of how people learn and create innovation with our technology by drawing on our expertise in areas such as learning design and management, video production and distribution, and data science. We work to make your learning more efficient and effective.


Media Opus Plus comprises two main projects. One is “MediaOpusContents+” which produces and distributes educational videos and creates digital versions of educational materials for tutoring centers, universities, publishing companies, and corporations. The other is “MediaOpusKnowledge+” which offers data science services that use the latest AI technology such as machine learning.

Media Opus Contents +

Media Opus Knowledge +

Service 01

Media Opus Contents +

Support for production and distribution of educational videos and
digitization of education materials

  • Support from the planning and design stages for video production services for learning and safely entering new market and launching new endeavors.
  • Production and distribution of high-quality, low-cost videos for lectures, technical education, and induction training
  • High-quality, low-cost digitization of learning materials and tests

Service 02

Media Opus Knowledge +

Consulting based on data science and
analysis making full use of statistics and
AI technology such as machine learning

  • Support for data utilization from the planning and design stages, even for brand new projects
  • Data science services using statistics, probability theory, and AI technology such as machine learning
  • Consulting based on data science with special focus on solutions to business problems


Our technology is also delivered through partners at the cutting edge of information technology.
Our partners’ excellent services can address an even broader range of customer needs.

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