We recruit colleagues to work together with us in innovating learning opportunities for people to realize a better world.

Media Opus Plus values its core belief in continuous growth since its foundation as MOP Action Guidelines.
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  • 1. Bring success and excitement to customers

    We increase the value of our company and employees by considering customers’ perspectives in achieving customer success and trust relationships in delivering excitement through our services.

  • 2. Face challenges independently and autonomously

    We face challenges with independence, autonomy, and commitment to high-standard results. We do not rely on the present condition as we challenge ourselves to improve our future performance.

  • 3. Keep growing

    We continuously grow by addressing essential issues and challenges. The more difficult the issues and challenges are, the more we can grow personally.

  • 4. Keep learning

    We deal with science and technology as a profound way of continuous learning not only from the field but also from various others. Continuous learning increases the value of oneself and that of the company, thus accelerating growth.

  • 5. Respect ethics, laws, and the sense of beauty

    We should comply with the law and respect ethics that are formed on the basis of such laws. A company without respect for ethics and law is denied its existence, thus destroying itself. Therefore, acquiring a high ethical standard improves one’s sense of beauty.

  • 6. Enhance mutual trust and the power of collaboration

    Consider how the entire company can achieve its goals, and enhance the power of collaboration based on mutual trust, which is built on small things. Valuing trust for each individual improves teamwork.

  • 7. Respect diversity and innovation

    Respect different opinions, ideas, individuality, and values, and enjoy diversity, that is, respect everyone. Although human resources are company property, creativity and innovativeness are born from different opinions and ideas.

  • 8. Improve the company through cooperation

    Cooperation improves a company as we share information, think and act individually, discuss issues, and work together efficiently based on the same decisions.


  • Open-door policy

    Boardrooms and private rooms for directors and managers are not available. Although security doors are installed, these doors have no threshold that can hinder mutual trust and mutual understanding. Everyone, including executives, employees, and part-time workers, can consult anyone to maintain internal communication and transparency.

  • Open-talk policy

    Supervisors, subordinates, employees, and part-time workers in various departments within the company are required to maintain open communication to create equal treatment and respect for everyone. Always tell the truth, and do not get intimidated as no one will judge you. You are entitled to your opinions. Thus, listeners must respect different opinions. It is noteworthy that opinions do not reflect the speakers’ personalities and are not targeted at specific persons. Therefore, learning to contemplate on how to give one’s opinion is important.

  • Open-information policy

    Information works by democratizing it. Open information improves the accuracy of a person’s judgment, leading to correct actions. Advanced team play is also possible. Furthermore, open information can deter fraud and establish an impartial company. However, certain information, such as personal and customer information, cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality and security purposes. Nevertheless, much of the company’s information is shared within the company as every person is required to do so.

  • Thorough feedback

    Feedback is provided for regular tasks such as generating financial and performance reports, conducting discussions, and executing plans. Feedback is provided based on the following criteria: 1) What perceptions were wrong? 2) Why did they not provide the best solution? 3) What items were missing in emails, chats, comments on documents, phone calls, and interviews? Even though some feedback may be debatable, it accelerates individual growth.

  • Use of technology

    The use of strategically-designed technology is essential to increasing a company’s creativity and productivity. Technology can extend people and companies beyond time and place. In problem-solving processes from the field to the management, technological solutions are considered first. Thus, we are actively promoting the adoption of advanced technology, regardless of whether it is internal or external.

  • Flat organization

    We strive to design an organization that enhances mutual trust and the power of collaborative creation based on high-level expertise and ethics of every individual. This company is a flat organization that maximizes individual power that can promote smooth and efficient teamwork. Members of various projects are organized on a project-by-project basis based on hope and aptitude. Factions, sexualism, and bureaucracy can be thoroughly eliminated. We prepare a field where each person can play an active part.

  • Learning support

    We introduce a book purchasing system to enable every student to deepen their learning. Work-related books can be purchased along with those books that we furnish, ranging from general books to technical books, academic books, and papers. Our company makes a difference by lending books and allowing not only employees but also part-time workers to freely apply for purchases. We also recommend participation in seminars, study sessions, training, academic societies, and qualification examinations; and the various seminars, study sessions and training that employees participate in, and academic society materials can be accessed any time.

  • Flexible working style

    A flextime system and a telecommuting system have been introduced for employees. A weekly shift system has also been introduced for part-time workers. We have prepared working styles that suit the lifestyles of employees and part-time workers. They are encouraged to take paid vacations and add technology for mutual trust to create an efficient working environment that enhances creativity and productivity.

  • Fair and impartial evaluation

    We share the company’s vision and goals with everybody and turn them into individual goals which are published. In addition to the target management, multi-faceted evaluations, such as 360-degree evaluation, are performed separately. Achieving individual and team goals is extremely important. Therefore, subordinates evaluate their supervisors, and the relevant departments and colleagues also give evaluations. In addition, R&D and planning that do not meet the targeted sales are evaluated based on their innovation and potential as we aim to be as fair and equitable as possible.

Kobe Headquarters

Kobe Commerce, Industry and Trade Center Building 18F
5-1-14, Hamabe-dori,Chuo-ku,Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Access
  • One-minute walk from Sannomiya Station, JR Kobe Line
  • Thirteen-minute walk from Boeki Center Station, Port Linner Train

Shibuya Office

Shibuya Miyata Bldg. 8F, 1-12-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Access
  • JR Yamanote Line, Saikyo Line, Shonan Shinjuku Line, Keio Inogashira Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
  • Seven-minute walk from Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, and Tokyu Toyoko Lines

Nishinomiya Studio

Hama Breeze Nishinomiya-kitaguchi 3F, 1-4-5, Kofuuen, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Access
  • Two-minute walk from Nishinomiya North exit of Nishinomiya-kita Station of Hankyu Dentetsu Kobe Line
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