Knowledge+ 01

AI and data science solutions

AI and data science with applications spanning from management to the field.

We offer AI technologies (machine learning, etc.) and data science at low cost, going beyond the graphs, cross tabulations, and simple correlation analyses that are commonly used by schools, publishing companies, and corporations. We make data science suitable for the goals and problems of each customer by applying it in accordance with customers’ needs in all areas, such as management, sales, advertising, and development.


Examples of AI use

  • Correlation analysis / Regression analysis / Factor analysis / Association analysis / Cluster analysis

  • Decision tree analysis / Bayesian probability / Machine learning / Artificial intelligence / More

Knowledge+ 02

Questionnaire analysis solutions

Analysis of questionnaire data is simple using our advanced statistics, probability theory, and AI

Learn more from questionnaire surveys used in many industries. Users’ familiarity with questionnaire surveys will facilitate the evolution of decision making. To get to the bottom of a problem, it is not enough to merely make graphs, perform cross-tabulations, and analyze simple correlations using data from questionnaires and survey forms. Incorrect analysis may lead to a misreading of facts, ill-advised decisions, and cons equently significant losses.
We provide advanced statistics, probability theory, AI-based questionnaires, and questionnaire data analysis reports together with comments from data scientists and consultants.


Analysis report example

Knowledge+ 03

Questionnaire/Survey Slip Analysis Pack

Employing readily available statistical methods corresponding to Bayesian estimation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and others

Basic Pack
We perform statistical analysis by employing questionnaires at hand and visualize the results so that any person can easily understand them. We then prepare a report to provide attribute trends and illustrate patterns in the survey respondents’ answers through charts.


An Example of an Analysis Report

  • Flow of an analysis: The flow of an analysis is specified.

  • Simple tabulation (cross tabulation) for a questionnaire: The respondents’ attributes and issues are clearly and intuitively specified.

  • Association analysis: The patterns of answers that appear often are analyzed.

  • Principal component analysis: The characteristics of the respondents selected for an analysis are revealed.

  • Decision tree analysis: The factors that determine the specific results are displayed in the descending order of influence.


Starting at¥240,000(including tax)

The number of respondents is between 300 and 1000. We estimate the charges on the basis of head count when the number exceeds 1000 respondents.

The number of questions is between 6 and 10 (these questions can be selected), and the number of choices given for each question is up to 6.

We estimate the charges on the basis of per question in the case of free description analysis or when there are 10 or more questions.

Additional Pack (Individual Estimates)

In addition to the basic pack, we provide consulting through comprehensive Bayesian estimation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other analysis methodologies and consulting on the basis of data analysis. We also provide support for solving various problems, ranging from management to work sites, using an evidence-driven manner based on data.

Rest assured that we can process questionnaires filled in by hand.

Media Opus Plus collaborates with an information center with a proven track record of managing data entry for government agencies, private companies, and more.
Our service fully recognizes Japanese characters (hiragana, katakana, and kanji) written by adults as well as children.
Paper questionnaires with handwritten responses and other questionnaires that previously made advanced analyses difficult can now be subjected to data analysis using advanced statistics, probability theory, and AI.


Knowledge+ 04

Web Questionnaire O-makase Pack

This is a one-stop service for conducting, tabulating, and analysing web-based questionnaires.

Here, we offer the abovementioned services by combining know-how from the “Web-based questionnaire operation proxy service” provided by NTT ExCPartner Corp. and our own “Questionnaire/Survey Analysis Pack.”
As an option, our service includes “multifaceted analysis” in which issues are analyzed in more detail (quoted separately).


Analysis report example

*The Web-based questionnaire operation proxy service is a service provided by NTT ExCPartner Corp.


Knowledge+ 05

Data-driven consulting

We thoroughly analyze customers’ data and provide support through our consulting services.

Based on data science and AI technologies such as machine learning, we help in taking on challenges from management to marketing, including customer acquisition, improvement of customer satisfaction, market expansion, pricing strategy, and employee training. Furthermore, in cooperation with “Media Opus Contents+,” full learning support is possible using videos and online drills. Through high-quality data analysis and data-driven consulting, we provide reliable support.


Examples of services provided

  • Development of recommendation functions / AI development for personnel evaluation / AI development for predicting customer turnover / Purchasing pattern analysis

  • Creation of customer profiles (personas) / Probability calculation for customer signups and turnover

  • Numerical prediction (number of customers, sales figures, etc.) / Probability estimation (complaint rates, etc.)


  • Nangkok Software Co., Ltd.

    Support of AI development by examining the knowledge and skills of top manufacturers and performing data analysis of knowledge management.


    Analyzing visits to the company’s corporate website and regularly reporting on its appeal to the market.

  • Gakken

    “Gakken Prime Seminar” promotion and regular data analysis and consulting, such as Learning Logs.