LMS+ 01

Providing LMS of the highest standard

Actualizing learning that is optimized for each customer

“Media Opus Contents+” of Media Opus Plus ,Inc. supports the production of videos and digitization of teaching materials. Learning management for each user can be conducted by utilizing the LMS “ELNO” and “LStep” of NTT LEARNING SYSTEMS CORPORATION. Media Opus Plus also optionally provides management and application of course content, such as teaching materials and registration of tests.Customers can concentrate on training and education through a reduction in the time required for registration and application.High-quality online distribution of videos is possible as we utilize NTT SmartConnect CORPORATION’s video distribution platform, “SmartSTREAM.”It is possible to make improvements through analysis of the “ELNO” and “LStep” learning logs and the “SmartSTREAM” viewing logs made available by our data science service provider “Media Opus Knowledge+.”For example, by analyzing the relationship between “test scores at cram schools using LMS” and “LMS learning logs,” it is possible to “identify units to be studied to enhance learning effectiveness.”This way, by adding appropriate data analysis according to the customers’ objectives and problems, it is possible to realize “improvement in learning content” and “learning that is optimized for each user.”

※The LMS is a platform that provides e-learning. “ELNO” and “LStep” can distribute learning materials, such as textbooks, tests, and videos, in addition to managing students, learning progress, and educational history.


LMS+ 02

The “ELNO” Learning Management System

Achieving highly effective drill-based learning in a short period without long-term constraints

ELNO is an LMS suitable for deployment in a short period. It can provide learners with knowledge in a short period based on one-question one-answer “drill-based learning.” Beyond this, registration of teaching materials using Excel leads to instant sharing of success stories and know-how within the company. Of course, we also support the distribution of video content teaching materials. ELNO, which can be deployed horizontally in a short period, supports the enhancement of organizational strengths and organizational revitalization.

LMS+ 03

The “LStep” Learning Management System

“Learning functions” and “community functions” link the learning environment with training

LStep is a learning management system suitable for use with a wide range of operations. All functions necessary for e-learning training can be operated from a web browser, including distribution of diverse learning content, video content teaching materials, and learning log management. In addition to PCs, LStep can also be used on smartphones and tablet devices. Apart from Japanese, LStep supports 32 languages, including English.